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Introducing Wippy: an AI-driven proposal writer that clarifies and answers intricate RFPs and client briefs into highly tailored, winning responses in minutes. Free up valuable time for strategic thought and unleash your creative potential. Close 4 times more business with Wippy.

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Start Your First Project For Free
3 mins
To create your first detailed RFP response
29 hours
Time savings on RFP prep per team
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Decrease in team size needed in pre-sales
Improved closing rate for new business
Generate stronger, winning RFPs and client responses with Wippy
Getting started is a piece of cake
Start your first project with no setup friction and no costs. You have complete privacy and seamless document creation.
Enhanced communication
Improve the speed and quality of your communication internally and with clients through better feedback loops.
Knowledge base utilization
Leverage work from past proposals, use similar previous project estimates to guide you and personalize your responses.
Your client
will never be the same
Imagine having an entire pre-sales dream team – a superstar salesperson, that product specialist who has seen everything, the roadmap guru and estimate planner, and finally a world-class proposal writer – all in one AI assistant. Wippy AI breaks down RFP and client project details into automated workflows by using a question and answer format, ensuring responses are correct and complete even in the trickiest scenarios.

With Wippy, winning more projects is just a matter of getting more RFPs and leads. No more repetitive boring work responding to proposals and the countless hours spent going back and forth with your teammates. Say hello to a smarter, faster, and cheaper way of answering and winning more business.
Get to your “winning” moments
Never before have you been able to automate precise proposals at record speed, that saves your brainpower to focus on the creativity and innovation that helps you win. Close more business, faster and smarter.
maximize team innovation, reduce team stress
“We boosted our close rate from 12% to over 47% on new leads, slashed proposal times by 6 days, and streamlined our pre-sales team from 6 down to just a proposal reviewer and technical lead. Efficiency redefined.”
John Griffin
Spiral Scout, Agency owner
Continuous Feedback and  Revisions
With Wippy's interactive feedback loop, Wippy acts as your personal product owner and turns your knowledge and client's feedback into your secret weapon, enabling endlessly customizable proposals that hit the mark every time. Give yourself more time to experiment with proposal ideas without the drag of repetitive tasks. It's not just about responding; it's about engaging, using your many ideas, and excelling with proposals that speak directly to your clients' needs. Let Wippy transform your proposal process into a dynamic dialogue, where every feedback fuels a more compelling pitch.

Ready to innovate your proposals and captivate your clients? Let's make monotony a thing of the past and turn every proposal into an opportunity to shine with Wippy.
lightning fast feedback loops
Describe multiple ideas with ease
Respond to more proposals in less time
“Competing for new projects means beating others to the punch with estimates and proposals. With Wippy, I zero in on the fine details and whip up comprehensive responses at lightning speed—leaving my competitors still struggling with their opening lines.”
Anton Titov
CTO, Dev Agency
Connect your company's knowledge base
Elevate your responses even more by leveraging your collective experience through secure integrations with your personal or company data. Wippy provides the perfect platform to apply your past responses, estimates and knowledge to tailor the document more specifically to your business. It's the bridge that connects what the RFP or client lead is asking for versus your company insights and tribal knowledge, empowering you to tap into collective wisdom and make highly customized response.

Knowledge base feature coming soon
Fuel data driven strategies and Get creative
“Wippy’s AI tool took 3 minutes to set up and I had my first project document completed that would have taken me at least 2-3 days in the past. It instantly segmented my clients' requirements and amazed the team at how accurate and complete the first document was"
Sammy Jenkins
Sales Manager

Make the mundane, magnificent

Organizing a proposal response was a boring and often slow process. Wippy turns that around with an AI assistant that taps your past knowledge and previous projects to turn your notes into ready to use documents.
Onboarding is a breeze
Create any type of document output
Collaborate with smaller team seamlessly
See the benefits immediately
Your privacy is our priority

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